Dorothy Donaldson

As long as I can remember I have always enjoyed art and hand crafts.  When I retired, I looked to expand on these interests.  My husband and I enjoy visiting different countries, which is always very inspirational and I love to keep a sketchbook. Joining a beginners class in patchwork under the expert eye of Pat Archibald was a major stepping stone and I soon was hooked on fabric and stitch.  Pat then offered a Design Class and I found my design learning and imagination was stretched further.  During this time I met a lots of like minded quilters and eventually with  a few close friends, we started our own exhibiting group – Freewheeling.

I continued to gain knowledge through some City & Guilds courses, firstly in Embroidery then in Creative Textiles.  Along my journey,  I have also attended many  inspirational workshops and love to visit exhibitions/events featuring other Textile Artists.  In 2015,  I joined a branch of the Scottish Handcraft Circle where some talented ladies have demonstrated new skills which I hope, I will explore further and I may even incorporate them in  future work.  Since completing my City & Guilds Creative Textile course I have also joined ranks with another small group of like minded City & Guilds ladies called ‘Stitchbias’  to continue to explore techniques, exhibit and encourage each other in our future work.

Although exhibiting work can be expensive,  time consuming and at times frantic, it is so lovely to share ideas with other artists and general meet people interested in what you are doing.

At this stage,  I see myself exploring some  areas that I have previously experienced in  more depth and whilst I no longer make many art quilts, I am enjoy creating and working in mixed media.   One new future  challenge – if I can find time – would be  to exploring natural dyeing.